Is '' a scam website? YES.
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Is A Scam Website?

Is A Scam Website? You want to know whether is a scam website? We’ve investigated this business and concluded in short, that yes, is indeed a scam website, and we will prove to you why. Why not to trust First of all, engages in negative SEO, posting negative content about their competitors, and that in itself is already unethical. You can see on this page,  titled “Don’t Buy Views and Services From Scam Websites (2021 Updating)” – starts off by telling you which websites are “trustworthy”, but little do you know, they own all these websites, so they are firstly lying about testing competitors, then lying by telling you that their top rated websites, which they own. The entire website revolves around reviewing their own websites, or websites that have paid, and then, they extort other agencies for money, either we pay, or they won’t remove their negative SEO. It’s alright though, because we can also do that, and we’ll simply use the same tactics they use against them. is a scam website, they are scammers, do not trust their judgement. Anyway, this is the end of the article. Customer Service Reviews of, 2/5. Is a scam? Yes. are scammers, scam, review.
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