Instagram Launch Moderator Option For Livestreams

Instagram is adding a new feature that will allow users to assign a moderator to live broadcasts. This will help when there are too many people talking in the stream and it becomes hard to follow.

TikTok Live Moderator

Now, you can see in these images that streamers on IG will be able to assign a moderator. This will give the moderator the power to report comments, remove viewers from a stream and turn off comments for a specific viewer.

The new option will help you control what content is shown in your live stream and how people are behaving during the live stream.

Which, like all live-streaming options, has seen some concerning incidents. One particularly high-profile case of live stream harassment on Instagram saw Pakistani actress Hania Amir left in tears after she was sexually harassed during an IG Live session.

Live stream moderation is hard because it happens in real time. People can take advantage of this and do bad things, like harassment and offensive behavior. This happens more on bigger streams.

Instagram has been working on adding live mods to their app. This will help with security and make it easier to manage your broadcasts.

Tik Tok added the same option last year in July.

Creators on Instagram can add a moderator through the menu icon on the comment bar. This allows you to search for a specific user, or choose from a list of users suggested by Instagram.


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