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TikTok Adds Live-Stream Moderation Tools

TikTok is looking to improve its live-streaming service. It plans to add more features that will give broadcasters more control over their streams, as well as new ways for people to find live content.

Instagram Launch Moderator Option For Livestreams
Instagram is adding a new feature that will allow users to assign a moderator to live broadcasts. This will help when there are too many people talking in the stream and it becomes hard to follow. Now, you can see...
Why Buy Instagram Story Views

This article will highlight the significant factor of Instagram Story Views as a marketing strategy. Let us help you understand buying story views. This one is the current trend in increasing online presence and more.

Why IGTV Is Important For Your Business
Video is a powerful tool for brands and marketers to engage consumers. And Instagram's newest video-sharing service, IGTV can play an important role in promoting your business through compelling videos that tell stories of people who use your product or...